Cleio Clean Commitment

Our Commitment to You

Inspired by the beauty rituals of Cleopatra and the meticulous research & knowledge-keeping of Clio, Cleio Beauty makes things easy for you. We do all the research for you and offer you effective products. Our priority is to find skin care and cosmetic products for you that are made with the highest quality ingredients that are safe, genuine and non-toxic for you.
We aim to redefine beauty so that it surpasses using just cosmetic products and delves deeper into how one can achieve the best results with the skin that they have! 

The Right Balance

Is everything natural good for your skin and hair and everything man-made bad?
If only the answer was simple! At Cleio Beauty, we believe that to achieve the best results, what we need is the right balance of naturally derived and man-made ingredients. And achieving the right balance requires knowledge, expertise, and careful research. 
The market is flooded with beauty products, all making tall claims. So how do you know which product to trust? At Cleio Beauty, we curate the right products for you by carefully reviewing each product for the ingredients and effectiveness before we present it to you.
Our goal is to target beauty from inside out. Beauty has three aspects...

Healthy Skin - Healthy Food - Healthy Mind

Cleio beauty is all about achieving Healthy Skin taking the stress out of you by offering the right products with the right ingredients at the right price. While you take care of the other two.